Increase the number of Instagram followers by applying these five strategies

Increase the number of Instagram followers by applying these five strategies

Increase the number of Instagram followers by applying these five strategies

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1. Feature your Instagram account anywhere you can.

If you don’t advertise your Instagram account, how are people going to locate an account to follow? Check to see that your Instagram account is linked to your website and any other social networks that you use.

Increasing one’s profile and garnering attention is one of the most effective strategies for getting one’s work noticed. Make sure people know where to find you on Instagram if you actually want to increase the number of people who follow you there. You can increase social shares across all of your networks by adding social media buttons to your website and blog. These buttons will show visitors where they can find you on Instagram as well as assist drive social shares.

Cross-promotion between all of your different social media profiles is another fantastic concept. Twitter is one of the primary channels through which the Museum of Modern Art raises awareness of its Instagram account. Utilizing your other social networks in order to drive viewers to your Instagram profile is a simple and straightforward process.

Nevertheless, check to see that you aren’t merely trying to get people to follow you. You should instead focus on promoting original material on your Instagram account in order to provide consumers with a reason to follow you there. Because Instagram has introduced a plethora of new content and video options, such as Stories, IGTV, and Reels, you now have a fantastic chance to increase your number of followers via the use of creative material.

2. Publish information that your fans want to see

It is a good idea to find out what kind of material your followers desire to see, even though doing so may be easier said than done. You’ll quickly discover that certain types of material on Instagram perform far better than others. Because of this, testing is extremely significant.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about filters, captions, content kinds, or post times; the tiniest element may have a significant impact. Maintain a keen awareness of the latest developments on Instagram’s trending topics to ensure that the content you upload is well received.

Investing in analytics tools for Instagram is a smart move for your company if you want to take your analysis one step further. Tracking, comparing, and analyzing the content of Instagram profiles will be simplified as a result of this change.

Gain self-assurance in your content strategy’s effectiveness by experimenting with various filters, subtitles, and other elements to see what resonates most strongly with your target audience. If you are unclear on how to get started, studying your competition is a good place to start.

Although you shouldn’t try to imitate your rivals exactly, it is a good idea to make mental notes on the things they are doing or doing that are successful in driving interaction. A little bit of study on the competition may go a long way. You may get a glimpse at what is working for other businesses in your sector by using our Instagram Competitors analysis. This research is available to you.

3. Get the conversation going in some way

Consumers prefer to connect with visual-first material such as photographs (68 percent) and video (50 percent), followed by 30 percent who want to engage with text postings. The conversation is one of the greatest methods to get users aware of your Instagram account. When you have mastered the art of copywriting for Instagram captions, Instagram is the platform that is most suited to reach this type of audience since it combines visually arresting content with captions that may be just as interesting.

People are continuing to utilize social media as their primary point of contact for companies, whether it be for off-the-cuff questions and chit-chat, serious customer service inquiries, or praise for their favorite brands and goods. In addition, for the sake of your company, you should be encouraging to others and communicative on Instagram.

You should make an effort to react to as many inquiries or comments as you can since doing so make the difference between gaining a new client or following as well as developing your relationship with your audience. Our Index study also revealed that 89 percent of customers will make a purchase from a business after following it on social media. Because of this, it is essential to earn the interest and loyalty of a visitor to your profile in order to turn them into a follower of your brand.

4. Look for hashtags that get a good response

The use of hashtags is one of the most tried-and-true methods for attracting new followers on Instagram. Hashtags have been a crucial tool for discovery and have helped us to increase the scope of our social reach for a number of years now. As a marketer, one of your goals should be to grow your community by attracting new members, and hashtags may help you do just that.
To get started, look for hashtags that aren’t overly saturated with users.

The Social Media Examiner provides evidence for this hypothesis by describing how the hashtag “love” is associated with more than 184 million photographs. It is not a simple task to make your Instagram content stand out among the millions of other photographs and videos that are shared on the platform.

You need to search for hashtags that individuals who are more likely to check them belong to your target demographic. It is more probable that these folks will follow your account if a relevant relationship is created between the two of you. One approach to combine postings around information that is really relevant to your brand and campaigns is to use hashtags that are unique to your business.

For instance, M&M performs a fantastic job of directing users’ attention to the relevant hashtags for events in which they are participating. Through the use of hashtags such as #mmspotlight, the company is able to raise awareness for itself and more specifically target its audience in the location where the spotlight music event takes place.

It is equally as important to have a working knowledge of how your hashtags operate on Instagram as it is to use them.

Do not enter the world of hashtags without knowing what you are labeling; this will prevent you from alienating potential followers.

5. Ensure the satisfaction of your Instagram followers

You will observe an increase in audience size if you focus on keeping your Instagram followers satisfied. This is the most important point. You’ve been provided with a wealth of suggestions for coming up with ideas and organizing material; now put those suggestions into action in a way that feels authentic to the voice of your company. In other words, avoid giving off the impression that you are desperate, sales-driven, or robotic.

This necessitates the distribution, over a number of accounts, of postings that are, in all honesty, intended to put a smile on the face of the account’s followers and to foster stronger ties with the account’s clients. Don’t forget to provide content to your followers as if they were friends on your personal feed. This could include posting memes, content that is inspirational, or just re-sharing interesting photos or artwork (all of which should be credited properly, of course), which can give your followers a little mental pick-me-up during the day.


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