Medical Assistant Program – A Guide For Your New Career

Medical Assistant Program – A Guide For Your New Career

Medical Assistant Program – A Guide For Your New Career

In this economy, many are going back to school and enrolling in a medical assistant programs in San Antonio
to find a good job. Assistants are in-demand, and the average earnings are $28,300 a year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s hard work, and there’s plenty to go around. People will get sick, and somebody needs to help care for them. But what exactly is involved in a medical assistant program education?

Although formal lessons in medical assisting isn’t a requirement for every single medical assistant to meet, many employers today still want to hire those who have attained diplomas and certifications in neuro-scientific medical assisting, a diploma which despite the cost behind obtaining one (not to mention the years of your life you will put into achieving it) will result in a higher salary level when you do eventually enter the job market. The main grounds for this strong preference in diploma level education is a strong belief in the fact that education and training (both through traditional…

Job Description

Assistants are exposed to a variety of medical and office responsibilities that showcase administrative, medical and scientific skills. You also have to be pretty good at relating people, as a good part of the job is getting people to relax in a medical setting that may make people nervous.

As an assistant, your compassion can be used in many medical environments, from primary care physicians’ offices to hospitals to specialist offices. Clinical duties that can be performed vary according to state law. They may include taking medical histories, recording vital signs, explaining treatment procedures, preparing patients for examination and assisting the doctor.

Program Description

In a medical assistant program, you’ll be trained to assist physicians in examination and treatment, as well as perform routine office tasks. You’ll discover proper techniques to collect and prepare laboratory specimens, perform basic lab tests on the premises, dispose of contaminated supplies and sterilize medical instruments. You’ll learn how to instruct patients about medications and special diets, and prepare and administer medications according to physician instructions.

You’ll also become skilled at drawing blood and giving injections, preparing patients for X-rays, taking electrocardiograms, removing sutures and changing dressings. Honing intrapersonal skills and discovering how to put patients at ease are also an essential part of your training, as is learning how to interpret doctor instruction correctly and efficiently.

Program Licensure and Certification

Employers prefer to hire assistants who come from an accredited program or certified applicants who have passed their certification exams. The American Association of Medical Assistants issues the Certified Medical Assistant Credential, though you can get similar certificates in podiatry and ophthalmology.

Job Outlook

There’s good reason to enroll in a medical assistant program: the job outlook is extraordinary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 34 percent growth rate through 2018, thanks to technological advancements in medicine, the growth and aging of the population and an overall shortage of medical workers. In fact, job growth for medical assistants is higher than just about all other expectations, which is good news considering that many industries that were once considered steady are now vanishing.

Plus, you’ll enjoy diverse career opportunities. Assistants may be able to advance to medical office manager with more lucrative pay. You may also qualify for administrative support occupations. If you gain enough experience, you may even be able to teach medical assisting.

Medical assistants enjoy a secure future, which is a great advantage in this economy. A medical assistant program typically takes only nine months. It’s steady work that is only anticipated to grow in demand.

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