What Exactly Are Twin Souls and Twin Flames?

What Exactly Are Twin Souls and Twin Flames?

What Exactly Are Twin Souls and Twin Flames?

How Do Twin Souls Work?

Twin souls are two souls made when Mother-Father God, in the Universal Womb of all Creation, divided the same energetic unit into two separate and complete halves. When one zygote divides into two fetuses, which are subsequently expelled from the same human mother’s womb at roughly the same time, twin souls are born together on the energy plane in a way similar to how twin newborns are born together on the physical plane. After all, the human body is a miniature reflection of the cosmos.

Think about how only a small number of people, such as identical physical twins, share the same DNA despite being distinct individuals. Human bodies generally have different DNA. Similar to how most souls have unique energetic frequencies, only a tiny portion of souls, known as twin souls, share the same energetic frequency despite being distinct individuals.

The Twin Flame Journey is what?

The twin flame love entails much more than just one Twin locating the other and traveling there, leading to the two living happily ever after. The entire ascension journey comprises four turning points that will test each Twin individually throughout their incarnations.

Personal Wholeness

All subsequent milestones are built on top of this one. To identify the Divine inside, to grow in self-love, and to employ the ego for good, each Twin must look deep within themselves. Paying off karmic debts, analyzing and eliminating resistances, healing the body, mind, and spirit, and maximizing one’s potential are all part of it. Prosperous Union can only occur when both twins are spiritually developed and fully healed from their separate traumas.

The Twin Soul Experience

To experience the duality that seems to accentuate the human experience on the 3D plane, twin souls congregate at this location on the physical plane. Since Creation, twin souls have been in a relationship on a soul level. Now they must go through a connection on a human level. Initial perceptions of the soul and human groups contrast Oneness with the delusion of separateness. When two twins jointly shatter the illusion of separateness and present their polarities as Oneness from the cellular to the cosmic levels, this stage is complete.

Each Twin’s progress in Individual Wholeness is directly reflected in the course of their twin soul experience. Many twins are endowed with an initial layer of Divine protection that keeps them physically apart through seas, hemispheres, cultures, and languages, as well as through marriages to other people, to prevent them from reuniting before they are ready. Due to how intensely twins love each other on a soul level, the twin soul experience can be highly traumatizing to people still going through the stages of individual wholeness development.

Since Earth is a realm of free will and completing all four steps in a single lifetime is not a birthright, many twins become trapped at stage two. On the other hand, some twin souls have an effortless and happy initial twin soul experience together from the time of recognition. Before the meeting, these people were probably highly spiritually developed and may have already shared complex human entanglements in a previous existence.

Divine Union

Divine Union happens when two twin souls, despite any suffering they may have endured up until that point, holding onto their polarities and illusions of separateness, recognize each other for who they indeed are, recognize the same in themselves from a cellular to a cosmic level, and surrender to God’s Love and Universal Oneness to serve the world. Only if both parties have adequately achieved the early milestones will the Union be permitted to continue.

Many twin soul couples will make numerous attempts to unite, but when one “flees,” the Union will end prematurely. This frequently indicates that one or both twins were unprepared and that a deeper level of healing at the level of Individual Wholeness was required. Running does not always show how well-prepared or unprepared a runner is. Sometimes the runner moves to show the chaser or both twins that they both need to improve before they can try again.

Activation of the Twin Flame Frequency

On the internet, there is a ton of conflicting, false, and romanticized material on what the twin flame love. First and foremost, the Twin Flame is a Divine cosmic frequency. Twin Flame and twin soul are not always synonymous terms. When two twin souls successfully unite, each Twin goes through an energy transition in which the former heart chakra is replaced by a new heart chakra that is sufficiently enough to embody the exponentially powerful Twin Flame frequency.


This change in energy is enormous. It takes a long time to finish, and a robust physical constitution is needed to handle it. Twin souls can only refer to one another as “twin flames” when both have accepted and embodied the Twin Flame frequency. One person may refer to themselves as “a twin flame” if the Twin Flame frequency has been activated within them while their Twin is still in the developmental stages. Referring to Moe Wood, Twin Flames are not actual people; instead, they are cosmic frequencies.



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