What Is TEFL Training?

What Is TEFL Training?

What Is TEFL Training?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is the subject of the TEFL course. It was developed by the American TESOL Institute, or ATI, to prepare teachers to instruct English to speakers of other languages. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is referred to as TESOL. Teaching English as a Second Language and Teaching English as a Foreign Language are the two terms that fall under this umbrella.

If you want to teach English to persons whose first language is their mother tongue and who speak English as a second language, TESL will be helpful. While TEFL training is ideal for instructing persons who do not regularly speak English. Both of these topics are covered in the TESOL course that ATI provides.

TEFL Courses

For its innovative work in TEFL courses, ATI is an institute that is well-known worldwide. If you have a TESOL or TEFL certification, you can work as a teacher anywhere in the world. English is increasingly in demand in today’s worldwide market, particularly in South-East Asia. Many nations, including China, Japan, Thailand, and Singapore, pay well for TEFL certification holders.

ESL (English as a Second Language) employment opportunities have never been better. It not only qualifies you to work abroad, but also vastly improves your chances of landing an ESL position there. The TESOL course also qualifies you for employment as an ESL teacher in nations where English is the primary tongue, such as the United Kingdom and the United States. These nations require English language instructors who can instruct immigrants who want to settle there and must learn the language.

Through the online or distance learning options for the TESOL course, ATI gives you the choice to complete this course from the convenience of your home. You have plenty of time to complete it, and there is little effort involved. While still working or attending school, you can complete the course in your spare time. If you were enrolled in a full-time course with a similar focus, this would not have been conceivable.


Nine phases or segments make up the Diploma in TESOL program. Before going on to the next phase, you must complete the assignments for the previous one. Each phase will take you about 12 days to complete. Phase 9 is the final one and it is a research paper. You will receive a Diploma in TESOL once all the phases have been completed. There are 160 hours in the diploma program. You have six months to complete it, but if you work hard at studying, you can accomplish it in two to three months.

You can choose the Certificate in TESOL course if you don’t want to complete the research paper or Phase 9. It lasts 120 hours and covers Phases 1 through 8. If you wish to teach English abroad, you must possess this certification.

Obtain a Degree

The majority of advertised ESL teaching jobs online call for at least a bachelor’s degree. Although it is desirable, it is not required that the applicant have an English degree. Knowing the challenges of studying any topic is why having a college degree is important. This kind of knowledge and experience is crucial for teachers.

Determine If You Want to Teach English as a Career Online Opportunities

Some individuals might view teaching English online as a temporary endeavor. Enroll in a TESOL course or a Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages certification program if you want to start a career in this area and work there for a long time. Obtaining certification will increase your teaching credentials and give you access to new teaching opportunities.

Choose Your Students’ Age Groups

Keep in mind that you are on a trip that will change your life. You won’t be able to deliver well until you feel at ease with your audience. Make sure the age group you chose to teach will benefit from what you have to say since if you fail, not only are you wasting your time but also theirs. You might not be able to keep up your English teaching career as a result.

Enroll in an English Course Online

Enrolling in an online program as a language learner will help you get the hang of things. You are not required to complete the entire program. Just experience what it’s like to learn from your teachers as a student. By using this technique, you can determine whether or not you are willing to accomplish anything consistently over time.

You are prepared to begin a career teaching TEFL classes and lessons if you have completed these steps and are certain that this is something you want to do and can do for a very long time.


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