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I am not sure how old you are but if you are old enough to have a Nortel Networks Phone System you can imagine the dawn of the 90s and the leaps that were made as the world discovered computers. Norstar or Northern Telecom grew to become Nortel Networks a premier communications company producing the Nortel Phone System that many offices still use today.
Nortel Support If you need Nortel Support you can call 1 (888) 383-6286

The Norstar Phone was created to be one of the most robust office communication systems ever invented. It had features that just a decade earlier would have taken up an entire wall to perform a simple task and it put it into a tiny box that was mounted on your wall. These Line Telephone Systems were easy to use and provided options that just now VoIP is tapping into. Phone Systems that were designed to last and hold up as they have for nearly three decades.

Given the average computer only last a 7 to 8-year span, it is impressive that many Nortel Phone System has lasted for this long! These telephone systems were at the cutting edge some twenty years ago. Using some of the first flash memory in the Nortel Call Pilot. Going back to the Nortel 616 these systems were compact and the Nortel Systems just became better and better over the years with more features.

Nortel Troubleshooting
An experienced technician would first suggest you read your end-user Nortel manual to learn if what your trying to resolve or accomplish is inside. These Nortel User guides were well written and are available online for download. It is important to keep these handy as you never know when you may require them to refer to. Nortel Troubleshooting always begins with checking the power source to determine if the system is plugged into a live outlet, and then determine if you can call from one desk phone to another internally. Is the Audio full of static? Is there a display? Are any lights flashing if any of this is true then the Nortel Manual could be helpful?

If however, you’re unable to determine the cause of your faulty system it’s time to reach out for Nortel Troubleshooting from a Nortel Dealer. The Nortel dealer Network had talented true telephone technicians who understood the programming of the Nortel and how to make changes to a Nortel Phone System. Nortel Networks Corporation, formerly Northern Telecom Limited believed in developing systems that were highly reliable and with long life spans. They did not however design these systems for onsite repair as much as many technicians would have liked.

Nortel TroubleshootingIf you need Nortel Support you can call 1 (888) 383-6286

The biggest challenge you’re going to face in many locations across the country is a shortage of these skilled technicians exists. In 2020 the national average was 58 ½ years old, and we have seen many skilled telecom technicians retire. So your not just facing the Norstar phones that are aging but the technicians that repair that as well. Then keep in mind no new telephone parts exist. Sadly, Nortel Networks departed the industry in 2009 and sold its components to Avaya which no longer offers support for the system.

However, We do still provide support for these systems and others. But, one obstacle that is difficult to overcome is the age of the skilled telecom technicians who are retiring which leaves us with few technicians every month. Many of the remaining are not as skilled as they were simply helpers to the Nortel Technicians. They may have learned a great deal but still do not possess the sheer depth of knowledge of Meridian, Norstar, or Nortel Engineer who could perform service with their eyes virtually closed.


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