Old School Sports Day Team Events

Old School Sports Day Team Events

Old School Sports Day Team Events

The Old School Sports Day Team Event will test key skills such as teamwork, strategic planning, and competitiveness. This event is fun and will bond colleagues. No matter how big or small your group is, this event is sure to be a hit. The games will be competitive and fun, but with an element of silliness. Here are four examples of Old School Sports Day Team Events. You can also choose a single game, or a combination of several.

Team activity

When it comes to team building, an old school sports day is a great choice. This event provides all of the team-building benefits of traditional sporting events, such as relay races, but with a modern twist. It can be run anywhere with a flat field or grassy area. The Xtreme co ordinator will lead the team through the various activities while serving as the ref. Whether you have a small group or a large one, your employees will enjoy this event, which will bond your team and encourage unity.

A classic sports day for your employees is a great idea for a hen/stag party, birthday party, or corporate team-building event. Not only is it fun for the whole group, but it brings back many fond memories for the participants. Besides, it keeps the competitive edge alive. Here are a few ideas for your next sports day. Let us help you find the perfect activity for your team! All you need is a team and a good time.

An old school sports day is a fun activity that transports the participants back to their primary school days. The participants will get involved in a number of retro sports games like the egg and spoon race and the three-legged race. All of these activities will encourage team spirit and competition. And the best part is, the activities will keep everyone entertained and involved all day long. You’ll be reminded of your own school days while competing against other teams.

Competitive sport

If you have ever been to a school sports day, you know that it’s an occasion to bond with your friends. Not only do sports days provide the opportunity for team bonding, but they also present children with valuable lessons in sportsmanship and competition. In the days before social media, sports day games often included welly throwing, tug of war, and the three legged race. When your legs are tied together, team bonding is sure to follow.

Healthy competition is a great part of a school sports day, as well as other school activities. Children enjoy competitive spirit when managed appropriately, but it shouldn’t get too personal. Attempting to achieve personal bests doesn’t mean comparing yourself to others, but rather it helps foster cooperation and positive attitudes. By allowing children to try their best and compete with each other, they can develop healthy competitive skills and a sense of self.


The Old School Sports Day is an event that combines team building and nostalgia. Various classic sports will be played, including the Egg and Spoon Race, the Sack Race, the Three Legged Race, and Space Hoppers. Participants will be encouraged to cheer for their team and keep score, awarding points to the teams that win. The event also features an instructor who will guide the participants through the sports day.

Teamwork is essential during the Old School Sports Day, so students will need to be prepared and have a good understanding of how to work as a team. The competition will focus on strategic planning and teamwork skills, but will be lighthearted and fun. It is an ideal teambuilding event for large groups, as the minimum group size is 10 people, and it can be adapted to suit any size group. The Old School Sports Day will last around an hour.

Old School Sports Days have a nostalgic element, transporting the hen party back to school days. Guests will be divided into teams and differentiated by their coloured headbands and bibs. Games will be played in different teams, including basketball, hockey, volleyball, football, and a variety of other classic games. During this event, teams will compete against one another for the best time.


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