The Microsoft Office Specialist Exam Passing Formula

The Microsoft Office Specialist Exam Passing Formula

The Microsoft Office Specialist Exam Passing Formula

If you’re seeking to advance in your profession today, you already know that your proficiency with computers will determine whether you climb the ladder or stay put. There is no other certification route that stands out as much as the Microsoft Office Specialist program when it comes to attempting to demonstrate your computer proficiency in using office software.

This certification has emerged as the one to obtain to demonstrate your proficiency with Microsoft Office, with more than 3 million examinations taken and more than 2 million Microsoft Office Specialist Certificates awarded as of today.

There is no solid explanation for why so many students fail these examinations the first time, but it is one thing I have noticed. The Microsoft Office Specialist exam is administered by having you enter a room and sit down at a computer. You will be required to complete a number of activities on this computer. Each collection of chores is intended to reflect the kinds of things you would often be required to complete on a daily basis.

These tests do a decent job of simulating daily tasks that people could be required to perform. Since I am a Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor and know where to buy microsoft office 2021, I should admit that I have a slight bias, but after having trained between 4,000 and 5,000 students at my training facility in Townsville, Australia, I can attest that the certification exams really do reflect the skills you would be expected to use at work.

The Microsoft Office Specialist Program consists of seven exams: the Microsoft Word Core and Expert Exams, the Microsoft Excel Core and Expert Exams, the Microsoft Outlook Core Exam, the Microsoft PowerPoint Core Exam, and the Microsoft Access Core Exam.

I would anticipate that you would have at the very least passed the Microsoft Word Core Exam and the Microsoft Excel Core Exam if you were a secretary or personal assistant. I would anticipate you to have the same certifications as a personal assistant or secretary in addition to the Microsoft PowerPoint Core certification, possibly the Microsoft Excel Expert Certification, and the Microsoft Access Core Certification if you work as a salesperson.

How Do We Study for These Examinations, Then?

You must first decide how you will prepare for these tests. It makes no difference whether you wish to take a course in a training facility, purchase a self-paced training program, or complete the training online with regard to passing these exams. Use the training method with which you are most at ease. While many of my students prefer classroom-based instruction, I personally enjoy using self-paced training. Each training technique has benefits and drawbacks of its own.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you visit a training facility, you should at the very least confirm that it is a Microsoft Office Specialist Testing Facility and download microsoft store that you will receive a training handbook and exercise disk to keep once you leave. Even if the training facility is the lowest, don’t waste your time on the course if they don’t provide a manual. Cheapest does not always equate to quality when it comes to computer training.

Make Sure You Retake the Entire Course or Self-Paced Content Within Seven Days After Finishing It

One error that many people commit is expecting to finish a two-day computer training course and then leave. If you believe that, then it is entirely improbable. Similar to sports, computer training requires professional training if you want to succeed. The first thing you should do when starting any training program is review everything you learned during the computer training course during the first week after the course is over.

Over the years, studies have demonstrated that if you don’t review your content every week, you will lose 50% of it. If you don’t review the information each week, you lose another 50% of your retention, which means that after about 6 weeks, you won’t recall anything from your course. Overall, you might have avoided taking the course altogether.

Using the Major Terms from the Course, Create a Brief Statement in Your Own Words

The following action is required! is to compose a succinct essay using your own words that lists all the major terms you learned from the course or from the self-paced material. Understanding what is being asked of you throughout the exam will be one of the hurdles you face.

The language can be very challenging to grasp at times because it is written in American English (no offense intended to my American colleagues). I was sure I was going to fail one of my Microsoft Outlook Core Exams. I was only able to pass because I was able to spot the text’s key terms that were pertinent to the application, and by doing so, I was able to figure out from each question what it was specifically asking me to do.

Practice Often by Doing Practice Exercises

The following step is to practice as much as you can. The majority of training institutions structure their course content such that you have homework assignments that combine all of the activities into one exercise and questions to answer at the conclusion of each session. Practice as much as you can is the key in this situation. Look online for resources where you can create your own or find a ton of practical activities.



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